Saturday, May 2, 2009

Piano Recital

Grace had her first piano recital last night. She played wonderfully!

There was something about seeing her up there that made me get all teary eyed. And it made her Daddy get pretty choked up, too. Maybe it was the visual reminder of how quickly she is growing up. Are we really sitting here watching our little girl play the piano before this large group of people? Or was it how she bounced up on to that stage with such confidence (even though we knew she was a little nervous), played her piece with clarity and without hesitation, then walked away from the piano with a beaming smile? Then again, maybe it was the little flashes forward to the many, Lord willing, recitals to come; knowing that this is just the beginning and picturing her all grown up, playing even more eloquently than she played last night.

Yes, all of this was going through my mind during the, oh, approximately 35 seconds that she was on that stage. In trying to keep the program from running too long, the students were allowed to play only one song; for Grace, and many others at this time, their repertoires only contain songs with very few measures. So, it was a rather quick showcase of what she has learned over the last six months. However, it was definitely long enough to fill her Momma and Daddy with an overwhelming amount of pride, joy, hope, and love.

Bravo, Gracie! Bravo.

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