Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The kids begin their swimming lessons next week. They're excited about getting back in the pool. Abby is constantly asking when she is going to go to her swimming 'yessons'. I'm hoping to be able to spend a lot of time in the pool this summer, like we did last summer.

Here's a little video of the kids swimming, last summer.


Butterfly Mama said...

Great! Makes me want summer! I love that song and how you put it together with the photos. We are starting swimming lessons soon too!


Brenda said...

That was a totally awesome video! Wow!It went right along with the song! Guess I need some lessons!

randi said...

Swim lessons already? This year is just flying by, isn't it!

Anonymous said...

I love listening to this and watching my grandchildren. Thank you for sharing moments like these with us.