Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When Kids Go Camping

My parents took the kids camping this weekend. To say that they had a great time, would be an understatement. They did not want to come home. But, come home they did, and along with the dirty kids, came all of their dirty laundry.

Laundry is always an interesting thing in this house. The list of things that I've found in my washing machine and dryer is a mile long. So, this morning when I was switching over a load of laundry from washer to dryer, I wasn't completely surprised when two snail shells fell to the floor.

I quickly called out, "Who put snail shells in their pocket?"

Grace replied, "Oops! I did. Uncle Dave and I found them on a trail, so I put them in my pocket. They were still alive." Then she asked, "Do you think they are still alive?"

"Probably not," I told her as I laid them down on the kitchen table, "they've just been washed in the washing machine."

About twenty minutes later, as I walked through the kitchen, I screamed when I saw a trail of slime going across the table, leading to one of our UNdead snails.

The kids immediately went to work googling "snail care" and gathering the neccessities for having a pet snail. So meet our new pet, Jesse.


As I was publishing this post, Abby came running in yelling, "It's awake!! It's awake!!"

I asked her, "Oh, did your snail come out and see his new home?"

To which she replied, "No! The other snail on the table...waked up!!"

So, meet our other new pet, Sandy. He/She is not dead, just shy.


Anonymous said...

You amaze me! You saw it as a learning opportunity instead of GET THAT THING OUT OF HERE! I can't wait to see what they learn..hopefully, they will tell me all about it.

Dan said...

Last night I saw a stag beetle (http://hu.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=F%C3%A1jl:Szarvasbogar.jpg&filetimestamp=20080927205405)hehehe. I can put that in my pocket when I come home.

Enjoy the snails!