Wednesday, February 25, 2009

And the days go by...

I've been horrible at keeping our little blog current. I'll try to do better with it because I know there are some family members out there who would like their fix of stories and pictures of the kids. Hehe!

The last two months have been rather uneventful...which is a good thing. We've just been busy with day-to-day activities and our homeschooling. We've also been enjoying the little breaks in the frigid weather, which allow us to get out and play a little bit.

As you all know, we're in our birthday 'season' here, so that keeps us busy. It's hard to believe that our baby is now FOUR! I took a little photo walk down memory lane and made a little video to celebrate the past 4 years with Abby...I mean, Sweetheart. Yes, she still insists that we call her Sweetheart. :)

So, here is a quick look back on four years with our little Sweetheart.