Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Treasure Chest of Memories

One hot day this summer, Jeff and the kids were scouring the storage barn for a needed summertime item. I don't know what item exactly, but it was probably something like a swim mask, water sprinkler, baseball, or something of that sort. Anyhow, as they searched the shelves of the barn, Grace peered upon a large black trunk that we have stored away in there. She begged her dad for a look at the 'treasure' inside. However, since our barn is - for the majority of the summer - a plywood oven, he told her that they would have to wait until it cooled down to 72 degrees.

Yes, once the balmy temperature outside made its way down to 72 degrees, he would go through the trunk-o-treasure with them. Why 72 degrees? I don't know. That's just how Jeff works. And, apparently, he works best at digging through treasure chests when it is 72 degrees outside.

So for the next few weeks, almost daily, the kids would run to the outdoor thermometer to see if the number showing was 72 degrees. Oh, the moaning and groaning that went on when the little thermometer would register a number above the coveted 72!

That was until last Saturday.

Last Saturday, with Dad home from work, the checking of the temperature ensued. Oh, the squeals of excitement, when it was realized that the number registered was BELOW 72!

So off they all went to the not-hot-as-an-oven-anymore barn, to open the trunk wondrous treasure chest.

And when they opened it up, here is what they found:

It still fits!

The cheeks. Umm. They look a little smooshed.


Even the bumps in the hair are the same!

"Look, kids! That's your old man!"

Grace appears frightened as she looks through one of our old yearbooks. We tried to explain to her that that was just the way people looked...back in the 1900's.

Ah! The glorious prom glassware. I'm almost cheap enough to use these as everyday glassware.

I'm not sure that the 'treasure' hidden in the trunk was everything that the kids thought it would be. But for their daddy and momma, it was a treasure chest full of memories.

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