Friday, September 19, 2008

Family Night: Bye-Bye Summer!

With fall officially arriving in a few days, we decided to have a little farewell party for summer. It wasn't much but we had a good time.

The kids decorated a sign.

We had dinner out on the deck and I made some of our favorite summer items: grilled mesquite chicken, corn on the cob, brown rice, and watermelon.

For dessert I made a banana wafer pudding; I put it in a sand pail with a shovel to give it a more 'summery' feel. I probably could have done something like popsicles to fit more with the summer theme, but I didn't have any. So, I went with what I had. The kids loved getting to eat 'sand.'

In order to give summer a proper farewell, we just had to put on our swimsuits and play in the water! Or, at least the kids did. They were excited about getting to play on the slip 'n slide one more time before we packed it away for the winter.

It wasn't cold out, but it wasn't exactly hot, either. We got a few strange looks from the neighbors.

Oh well!

Bye, summer! We'll miss you!

As always, thanks to Heather at Whittaker Woman for inspiring our Family Nights!


Wendy said...

what a creative and fun mom you are! that looks wonderful! i'm sure your kids will remember this.

Rachael said...

Hi Nicki! Thanks for your comment on my blog.

It looks like you guys had a GREAT family night too! What a great idea!!! It was on the cool side last night for us too and I am sure the neighbors wondered what in the world was going on whenever we were running around the yard squirting each other with the hose. LOL!!!

Widney Woman said...

I think your ideas were fabulous! I learned about dirt cake and made one for our garden themed family fun night, but I have never heard of a Sand Pail cake with the banana wafer. Putting it in the sand pail is awesome! I am going to do this for sure.

Your kids clearly enjoyed the slip n slide!! Let the neighbors wonder, it keeps them on their toes.

whittakerwoman said...

So fun! H

brandiandboys said...

love this idea! i've been thinking about welcoming fall, but not saying good-bye to summer! might have to steal this one!

Billie said...

What a neat way to get one last summer blast! This is the stuff our kids will remember.

Randi said...

This looks like so much fun! What a great idea!

~Crystal~ said...

Popsicles? That's too ordinary! Not everyone can say they ate banana pudding out of a sand pail! Too fun!