Friday, December 7, 2012

Space and Love

Jeff and the kids love to watch sci-fi shows together. Last night at dinner, the conversation revolved around a recently viewed episode of Star Trek Enterprise. To watch them (which is usually what I'm doing because I have no idea what they are talking about) intently discussing the details of the episode and laughing hysterically at the "inside" jokes was comical in itself.

Seeing my princess daughters discussing warp field reactors and various alien life forms always cracks me up. At one point , I pointed out to Jeff that somewhere there are young sci-fi loving boys who have no idea the gems for wives we are raising.

My point was driven home today with a conversation I had with Abby. This week, she has asked to have Guess How Much I Love You to be read as her bedtime story. So each night we've read about loving as high as we can reach, up to our toes, and to the moon and back. So I was not surprised at all, when I told my little sci-fi loving girl that I loved her, that she responded with, "Mommy, I love you to a parallel universe and back."

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Nana said...

Welcome back! I am excited that you are writing here again. I know you have your own reasons but for me it is nice to just sit back and enjoy. Like having tea with you at the privacy of your table. Relaxing-Sigh.