Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pizza and Pins Party

We decided to have Grace and Jacob's birthday parties together at the bowling alley, last Saturday. Along with all the grandparents, aunt, uncle, cousins, they both got to invite a friend to come along. We had pizza, pop, cupcakes, and lots of bowling. I was surprised by how much work it was to keep things going and was worn out by the end of it. To think that I had come up with the idea to have it at the bowling alley, instead of our house, to make it easier on myself. little plan backfired on me! Ha! But, as crazy and hectic as it was, we had a good time.

Paco and Grandma decided to bowl some, too. It had been many, many years since either one had bowled. Paco, having had his heart surgery back in December, did wonderfully rolling the ball down the lane. However, Grandma showed him up a little (well, all of us, actually) when on her first ball, she rolled a strike!

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Tracy said...

eli had a bowling party a few years ago and i agree...more work than i thought! it was fun, but just keeping everyone bowling when it was their turn was a HUGE chore. fun times :)