Monday, October 27, 2008

It's Been a Squirrely Day!

We've been having a squirrely day, today!

A while back, the kids built a squirrel feeder for me, using some wood scraps and extra stain that we had in the barn. Yesterday, they helped their Dad set it up in the backyard. So, we have been on the lookout for squirrels all day. We spent the morning looking out the window, while reading books and searching the internet for more information on squirrels. Finally, this afternoon, as we were finishing up school, I walked by the window to find someone visiting our new feeder!

We were all so very excited!

Yay, kids! You did a great job!

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~Crystal~ said...

Oh man! I need to make one of these for Rufus, Lily May & Scooter (squirrels in my yard)! They would love it!